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Metrology Services are responsible for the implementation of the Weights and Measures Act No 16 of 2003 and the Weights and Measures Regulations, SRO No 15 of 2005.

Metrology is defined as the “science of measurements and is principally focused on providing confidence, reliability, universality and quality measurement. It is weighing and measuring physical dimensions.  E.g.: volume, length/distance, time, mass, temperature, voltage, mole, values of physical and chemical constants.

  • Role of Metrology
  • Metrology Units

This service includes Legal and Industrial Metrology Services that ensures that all weighing and measuring devices used for trade in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as well as the verification of quantities in pre-packaged products are verified. This includes Industrial Metrology that provides verification and calibration of all Weighing and Measuring devices used in manufacturing and other services aimed at ensuring fitness for use and assuring quality and safety. This unit provides verification service to Clinics, Farmers, Post Offices and other non-trade users of weighing and measuring devices.

Metrology Services

  • Volume - Petrol Pumps
  • Mass - Retail Scales and other Weighing Devices
  • Length -  Yardstick
  • Pressure - Sphygmomanometer
  • Temperature

Our Mission

To enhance the Quality of Life for all Vincentians and to promote Quality Competitiveness by ensuring that all Goods and Services produced and/or used in the SVG are of consistently acceptable Standards and Quality

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