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Technical Assistance Services provides technical guidance and other non-financial technical assistance to the general public and to manufacturers/processors on all areas of SQAM concerns as well as provide guidance on new and revised international, regional and local standards and other SQAM related matters.

Technical Assistance activities include inspections, training, assistance with product labels and specification, visits to manufacturing establishments, etc.

Technical Assistance Services:

  • Inspection visits
  • SQAM Technical Assistance
  • Training – Standards, GAP, GMP, Labelling, Quality Assurance etc.
  • Information Services*

SVGBS provides library services and carry out research pertaining to standard related matters. SVGBS serves as the National Enquiry  Point for the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and the contact point for CODEX (the joint commission between the FAO and WHO),  which is responsible for developing international food standards. 


Our Mission

To enhance the Quality of Life for all Vincentians and to promote Quality Competitiveness by ensuring that all Goods and Services produced and/or used in the SVG are of consistently acceptable Standards and Quality

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