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Standardisation, Quality Assurance and Metrology (SQAM) in general exist, quite simply, to make our lives safer and more comfortable. They facilitate trade and promote economic prosperity, including for developing countries.

At the same time, SQAM addresses consumer interests and on a whole is a vehicle for the sharing of knowledge, technology and good practices: an essential component of the world-wide infrastructure supporting economic activities, promoting confidence, societal needs and more equitable opportunities – in other words, sustainable development.

This ability of SQAM to ensure and instil confidence has become even more important as the repercussions of the global financial crisis have made themselves felt across business sectors and economies worldwide. Both in times of stability and times of risk, SQAM provide practical tools for providing confidence, reducing uncertainty and managing risk in a globalized world. The overall objective of SQAM is to provide confidence and help stakeholders to become more competitive.

When a product or service meets the specifications or requirements of a Standard, this provides confidence that they incorporate essential features. These features can include quality, ecology, safety, reliability, interoperability efficiency and effectiveness. Standards and Quality also help to ensure such benefits at an economical cost.

For Government and other businesses, implementing SQAM is a means of integrating confidence with their offering. Many businesses highlight the conformity of their products or services with Standards as an added value. Further, once SQAM parameters are incorporated in organisational practices, there is greater efficiency and productivity, less lost in time and materials, this all translate into economical gains.
The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards (SVGBS) as the national champion of the National Quality Infrastructure is still mindful of the role that it can and must play in creating and maintaining the enabling environment for the harmonious development and implementation of this infrastructure. The SVGBS’s commitment to this panacea is unsurpassed, and as such it will harness all energies to ensure that it fulfils it legal mandate and mission.

Our Mission

To enhance the Quality of Life for all Vincentians and to promote Quality Competitiveness by ensuring that all Goods and Services produced and/or used in the SVG are of consistently acceptable Standards and Quality

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