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Fees for the Examination of Prescribed Measuring and Weighing Devices:

The following fees are to be collected for the examina- tion ,stamping of, or issuing of a certificate in respect of prescribed measuring devices.

Weighing instrument up to 10 kg inclusive(up to 22lbs)  $25.00
Weighing instrument above 10 kg to 50 kg inclusive (above 22 lbs to 110lbs)  $45.00
Weighing instrument above 50 kg to 150 kg inclusive (above 110 lbs to 331 lbs)  $125.00
Weighing instrument above 150 kg to 250 kg inclusive (above 331 lbs to 551lbs)  $175.00
Weighing instrument above 250 kg to 350 kg inclusive (above 551 lbs to 772 lbs)  $275.00
Weighing instrument above 350 kg to 450 kg inclusive (above 772 lbs to 992 lbs)  $375.00
Weighing instrument above 450 kg to 550 kg inclusive (above 992 lbs to 1213 lbs)  $475.00
Weighing instrument above 550 kg to 1500 kg inclusive (above 1213 lbs to 3307 lbs)  $575.00







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